Manastır Hotel&Suites is at your service twelve months of the year,
always looking for new things to present to its guests and in touch with art and culture.

In the past few months, we have organised discussions with Turkey’s well-known researcher,
journalist and documentarian Nebil Özgentürk under the title of “Sights Of Literature”.
In these gatherings which drew great interest, Nebil Özgentürk talked about life
and literature with his guests Zülfü Livaneli, Ayşe Kulin, Ercan Kesal, Gani Müjde,
Sunay Akın, Işıl Özgentürk and Kürşat Başar.

One of the most important figures in both the economy world and women’s platforms,
journalist and writer Serpil Yılmaz talked about “women in the lead role of love”
in her discussions titled “Inside Love” with her guests Pınar Çelikel, lawyer Altın Mimir,
Bedriye Hülya and Zeynep Oral.

We hosted painter Harun Antakyalı’s “Duvarrr (Wall)” exhibit.
Known as the “street kid” of art, the unique style of street artist Harun Antakyalı
took Bodrum under its spell.

We hosted Romani Street days, which got great attention in the rainy days of winter in Bodrum.
The dulcet tones of our Romani Fasil music team were accompanied by the most
special street foods brought over from İstanbul and İzmir.
The event combined lots of great music and fun with the opportunity to get acquainted
with the unique tastes of street food prepared in safe and hygienic conditions.
There will be many more surprises over the summer with mini concerts and live performances.
Please watch this space.